Made in Indonesia (MIND)

Made in Indonesia (MIND) is an international business to business (B2B) marketplace startup that was founded in 2014. This company positions itself as a catalyst in empowering producers, wholesale exporters, and the Indonesian small and medium enterprise (SME) sector while presenting products and the best service “made in Indonesia” in the global e-commerce market. MIND … Read more

Transforming Academic Technologies and Ideas into Opportunities

According to AUTM study “The Economic Contribution of University/Nonprofit Inventions in the United States: 1996-2015”, it said that for 19 years (1996-2015) academic technology transfer had contributed: $1.3 trillion to U.S. industrial output $591 billion to U.S. gross domestic output 3 million jobs supported in U.S. We don’t know the data for Indonesia (yet), but … Read more

Sprint Road to Adjacent Innovation

Adjacent innovation means : Extrapolation business of something that new for us, but existed before. New to us means for the market & customer, and the technology & solution. It existed before, but considered as new business for us. We step forward from our existing business, to explore/expand our business based preparing for the next … Read more

Long Road to Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation means : Retropolation business that more to “scenario development” than “roadmap development”. Based on creation of the future, scenario that will change the shape of the world. Not based on extrapolation of recent/actual business situation for the future (read : extrapolation business). “Back from the future” business (retrapolation business) is different with “embracing/preparing … Read more