Medco as business organization entity, need to “think out of the box”, change their mindset, and face the increasing of global competition and managing the uncertainty by Innovation. Those are several point that need to take a note:

  1. Medco need to prepare energy transition business and VUCA era.
  2. Medco need to integrate all of Medco companies, (MedcoEnergi, Medco Group, Medco Inti, and else), to overcome future challenges with innovation.
  3. Innovation in Medco, according to C-level interview, is in low level (level 1 from 5) and need to be improved.

For this purpose, Innovation Intelligent (short called INT.), as an elite “T-profile” small member group, developed. By systematic approach, value realization, exploiting insight, managing uncertainty, and strategic direction; INT. will handle range of innovation purposes such as:

  1. Identifying new innovation business opportunities
  2. Increasing innovation competitive advantage
  3. Anticipating risk and uncertainty of innovation
  4. Enabling technology transfer/acquisition/investment opportunities
  5. Forecasting technological and business drivers of innovation
  6. Spotting out weak signals to anticipate change
  7. Overcoming barriers that limit innovation value creation
  8. Implementing a structured approach to problem solving